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    Welcome to Music Xtra and Jazz for Beginners!

    Jazz is one of the most versatile and beloved music genres. It has produced many sub-genres and fusion genres. Famous jazz musicians like Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald are known throughout the world. Here in Australia, jazz has a long and prosperous history. Unfortunately, jazz is still not very accessible to many people. Some do not like listening to it, and some find it too difficult to play and give up easily. The goal of this site is to help solve both of these problems.

     Behind the Word <em>Jazz</em>

    Behind the Word Jazz

    The etymology of jazz is uncertain. It started as slang in America around 1912, but did not have to do with music. No one is sure how it became associated with jazz music!

    Jazz and Culture

    Jazz and Culture

    Since jazz was started by African-Americans at the beginning of the 20th century, race and culture play a critical role in jazz. Read on to learn more about the music’s cultural roots.